Warm Boards

All heating systems have a single purpose: make the inside of your home comfortably warm. Forced hot air systems are the most common heating systems in the US today, and they can reliably make an otherwise cold home warm. But as they heat, they also blow dust, allergens, and hot air around. They produce uneven noisy heat, and waste energy in a number of ways. Roman engineers developed the concept of radiant floor heating two thousand years ago. The idea is simplicity itself: by bringing the floor of your home up to a mildly warm temperature (typically 75˚-85˚) you experience silent, even, and comfortable warmth. For two thousand years, radiant floor heating has been considered the pinnacle in heating comfort. Additionally, radiant heating will dramatically improve your indoor air quality, and now more than ever lower your heating bills.

The radiant floor industry is divided into two segments: Floor warming, which is usually done electrically in limited areas such as bathrooms, and floor heating, which is done throughout the entire home and is usually accomplished with hot water running recirculated through tubing hidden in a conductive panel under your finished floors.

Warmboard is a whole home floor heating solution that lowers the cost of heating your home while making you more comfortable than other radiant floor systems.

The lower operating cost is a result of our industry leading high conductivity. Simply put, the job of a radiant panel is to conduct heat from water in a tube to the surface of your floor. And as conductivity goes up, the temperature of the water in the tube can go down. It is always cheaper to heat water to a lower temperature than a higher one. Warmboard requires lower water temperatures than all other radiant systems and therefore saves you more, year after year, in operating costs.

Our greater comfort is a result of our low mass, in combination with our high conductivity. Warmboard responds faster and more accurately to changing heat loads, when compared to other radiant systems. The heat load of your home changes constantly throughout the day, precisely matching heat supplied to equal that changing heat load produces constant temperatures, which means constant comfort.

Think of Warmboard as the goldilocks system, never too hot nor too cold … always just right.