Thermal Boards

Infloor radiant hydronic heating systems are low-mass, modular board underlayment systems. Instead of embedding the hot water tubing in concrete, it's laid in the grooves of pre-cut wood panels. The low thermal mass of wood, as opposed to concrete, allows for faster heat up times and is more responsive to on-demand heating. Modular infloor heating is ideal for remodeling or new construction projects. The tongue and groove panels come in various sizes and configurations to fit different floor plans and can be sawed to fit where necessary. Two types of modular systems are available. The first is InfloorBoard (IB), previously known as ThermalBoard. The IB modular panels are constructed of 5/8" thick composite board covered with aluminum to help spread the heat evenly across the floor. The low profile, 5/8" thick panels are not intended for structural use as sub-flooring, but rather as a retro-fit over the existing subfloor. IB is typically glued, and then screwed or stapled to the wood subfloor. PEX tubing, which circulates the heated water, is snapped into pre-cut grooves in the panels as shown. The heat radiates from the tubing to the wood and aluminum covered modules. InfloorBoard Modules The name PEX is an abbreviation for "polyethylene crosslinked" tubing and is the industry standard for infloor heating applications. PEX tubing is manufactured in various diameters with or without an aluminum core depending on the application. Aluminum cored Pex, or Pex-Al-Pex, is popular for its thermal memory.